December 😘

New Month… Have a glorious one everyone 😘💕

Miss You 😭

Hello dear friends, sorry I’ve been barely active these days… I’ve got a whole lot of academic work at hand 😭😭 and as a result, I keep missing out on most of your posts.

I’ll surely make it up once I’m done with the academic semester. Missed you all, though.

New Week Alert 🌟

Blissful Week Ahead… Be ready to receive His continuous grace, peace, uncommon favor, pure love and many other blessings this week. WINNING ALREADY!!! 😀🎉🎉🎉💕

The Other Side

In My My Mind

At the
far end of the room

the sound
of the telephone came like a flash in my ear, ‘bhimm’

I heard
the same sound after every five minute. Suddenly, like a miracle, it came to an
end. And from the other side, I heard the most beautiful sound ever.

from the other side

It was a
melodious sound.

I said “Hi…” from the other side.

I was anxious, worried and didn’t know what to expect from the other side.

But now,
I’m so excited and satisfied

couldn’t hide my joy from the other side

connection to the other side was so tight

question led to an answer

an answer
led to a laughter

before we knew it

all the
good things came after…

It was
that difficult to break the synergy with the other side Turning sparkling
smiles into moody face from…

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Unreal Realities.

As I woke up to the beaming rays of light from the skies, I was convinced it was yet another beautiful day to be great. I meditatively had my devotions and hopped out of bed and walked slowly to the sink, stood in front of the mirror which was right above the sink.

As I stared at myself in the mirror, it brought back memories from the previous night. I stared harder so that I could bring back every memory we shared last night… The walk down the beech, the waving branches of the long coconut trees, the young bright moon that cast its radiant light around us.

I stared even harder, now with both eyes closed yet I could see through the eyes of my heart how deeply you stared into my soul. I couldn’t resist but to reciprocate the action. As we stood searching deeply into one another’s eyes, the wind blew softly, bringing along its sweet lines and encouraging us on. I felt a strong force pulling us closer and closer. All I wanted was a warm hug but I was scared to give in. I was scared of breaking one of the standards we’d set for our friendship. As I looked on, I realized you felt the same way… but you were strong enough not to go that far, you grabbed my hands tightly and smiled widely. My heart skipped a beat, I was madly in love with a man after God’s own heart. A man who has promised to keep it pure until the day we would be joined together in Holy matrimony.

Reality dawned on me when a tiny fly settled on my forehead, then I realized I was still standing in front of the mirror… I just couldn’t help smiling as I splashed some water on my face.

Never Cease To Pray

Drawing Closer to Christ

1 Thessalonians 5:17 NKJV, “pray without ceasing”

There are people all around us, yet Jesus desires to be closer to us than anyone else ever could. He’s eager to be intimately involved with every aspect of our lives. Prayer is one of the main ways He desires to do that. Praying without ceasing is another way of showing our faith and trust in Jesus.

Photo by: Samuel Silitonga

I’m thankful we can pray anywhere and anytime. The Father is always available to us. We can set aside extended special times of prayer during the day. However, since the presence of God is always with us, we can also whisper short prayers throughout our day. We can tell Him thank you for the things that are going right. But when things go wrong, we can thank Him for being sovereign, and ask for help. When situations and people try to come…

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Ayansola Ibukun


I’m sure you’ve come across a couple of believing folks who think that prospering in material things is not a proof of godly living. They often have a cynical disposition towards other believers who live in financial abundance.

What’s more, they attribute any indication of wealth (be it acquiring a bespoke ride or a vast piece of property) to dubious means. In their opinion, whoever must serve God and live a holy life must need endure hardship on earth. He/she must suffer lack and go through all manners of adversity. This, according to them, is the true test of a believer.

Well, here is good news: God is not interested in anyone’s poverty neither does he take joy in a fellow’s misery. Instead, a man’s lack or otherwise is a function of his will/choice.

The bible is the source of inspiration for believers and…

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The Godly Chic Diaries

Our Faith is like a child learning to walk. Jesus is our father. He crouches down, with open arms as we take our bumbling steps towards Him, and each time we make it to Him after a long journey, He stands us upright, helps us catch our breath. And then He backs up a little bit and then ask us to come a little further in our faith…

OUR FEATURED GUEST BLOGGER IS: JORDAN SMITH: I am a Jesus lover. An ardent worshiper who longs for nothing more than to revel in the presence of the one who is WORTHY. I am a wife and mother of a new baby girl( BRAVEN) and Hair stylist. I thrive most when delivering the Word of God thus started speaking at local youth meetings at the age of sixteen. I have been traveling abroad doing mission’s work and now lead mission’s…

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